Pet Vaccinations at Augusta Animal Clinic

How do you fight an invisible enemy that has the power to threaten or even end the life of your beloved pet? This is a question every pet owner has to address due to the presence of potentially deadly microorganisms that cause diseases. Fortunately, you can get the answers you need at August Animal Clinic. Our Indianapolis veterinary center can provide your pet with vaccinations that give his immune system the extra "boost" necessary to fight off those invading germs.


How Vaccines Provide Disease Protection

You might wonder why your pet, or anyone, for that matter, might need vaccinations to protect against disease if the immune system is healthy. The problem is that even a healthy immune system can only protect against diseases to which it has already been exposed. This exposure allows the immune system to create antibodies specially tailored to fight a particular germ. Some diseases are so dangerous that your pet can't risk an unprotected initial exposure to them. That's where vaccines come in. Vaccines are inert versions of specific disease organisms. They can't cause infection, but outwardly they still resemble the real thing. The immune system reacts as if there were a genuine threat, producing the necessary antibodies to protect your pet against an actual infectious agent.

Vaccination of dogs and cats should begin at the age of around 6 weeks, when weaning occurs and the antibodies "borrowed" from the mother’s milk are no longer present. Once several rounds of vaccination are complete, your pet should enjoy protection from various diseases for 1 to 3 years, with some vaccines wearing out sooner than others. Our team anticipates this issue by scheduling booster shots for your pet as needed.

Our Indianapolis Veterinary Clinic Has the Vaccines Your Pet Needs

Which vaccines does your pet need? There are certain shots that all dogs and cats must receive. These "core" vaccinations protect against some of the most prevalent diseases in the everyday world. We give core vaccinations to protect dogs against canine hepatitis, parvo virus, and distemper, and to protect cats against calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rhinotracehitis. Both animals (and many others) also need rabies vaccinations.

Your pet may also benefit from certain elective or "non-core" vaccinations that protect against diseases such as Bordetella, Lyme disease, or feline leukemia. We can advise you as to whether your pet's environment and lifestyle make him vulnerable to such diseases.

Ready to Schedule Those Vaccinations?

Are you ready to safeguard your pet's health against those invisible yet hazardous disease organisms? Call our Indianapolis veterinary clinic at (317) 291-4553 to schedule an appointment!


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