Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming With Our Veterinarian At Augusta Animal Clinic in Indianapolis, IN

Your pet may look forward to a bath, or you may spend hours trying to coax them from under the bed. The fact is no matter which category you and your pet fall into, we would like you to understand the importance of regular grooming and bathing for your pet.

dog getting groomed and bathed

Why Are Bathing and Grooming So Important?

We bathe every day to prevent unpleasant odors. When your pet is playing and walking, they get dirty. A daily bath isn’t necessary for your pet, but regular baths remove dirt, scale, and loose hair and prevent unpleasant odors for them, too. A bath also helps maintain healthy skin and a healthy coat. How often you bathe your pet will depend on your pet and their specific needs. You should bathe them when they are dirty, or if you notice an unpleasant odor. However, bathing too often can strip away natural oils on their skin and coat drying out their skin. 

Grooming helps maintain your pet's health and wellbeing. It is all-inclusive, treating your pet’s skin, teeth, nails, eyes, ears, and coat. 

What Does Your Vet Do During Your Pet’s Bath/Grooming Appointment?

Grooming can help your vet discover potential issues before they become serious. While trimming and brushing their coat, your vet will take notice of any hidden bumps or mats that could be causing your pet pain. Your vet will also check your pet’s teeth for signs of a health problem such as bleeding gums and bad breath. Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed helps to prevent broken nails. Your vet will inspect your pet’s paws for sensitivity and debris caught in his paw pads or between his toes.   

Can I Stay With My Pet During Their Grooming Appointment?

We recommend that you leave your pet during their appointment as your presence can make your pet more anxious.

Does My Pet Need Vaccinations Before Grooming?

Certain vaccinations are required. You should contact us at (317) 291-4553 to determine what shots your pet needs.

How Can I Help Make My Pet Less Anxious at Bath/Grooming Time?

Don’t chase them or force them to take a bath. Coaxing them and encouraging them with treats and praise will help calm them down. You should also be patient and calm.

Make An Appointment At Augusta Animal Clinic For Professional Bathing/Grooming?

Your vet can use bathing/grooming to inspect your pet for skin conditions, parasites, and dental conditions. They may notice something that you wouldn’t, which makes bathing and grooming your pet just as necessary as their annual exam. Our groomer, Ginni, is here on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please call  Augusta Animal Clinic in Indianapolis at (317) 291-4553 and schedule a grooming appointment  for your pet now!


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