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  • How Often Should Your Pet have a Dental Check-Up
    How Often Should Your Pet have a Dental Check-Up Pets need their teeth cleaned regularly. They also need regular dental checkups. At Augusta Animal Clinic, we have years of experience providing Read more
  • Proper Dietary Habits for Better Pet Health
    Proper Dietary Habits for Better Pet Health Maintaining a healthy weight is pivotal for your pet's overall health and wellness. If your pet is overweight, dangerous medical complications and health concerns Read more
  • Lyme Disease
    Pet Care Essentials: Flea and Tick Prevention and Lyme Disease Flea prevention and tick prevention are essential parts of animal care. Unfortunately, dogs, cats, and other pets can catch Lyme disease Read more
  • When to get your pet vaccinated
    When to Get Your Pet Vaccinated Vaccinations help protect our pets from common risks and diseases such as rabies and even death in some cases. Keep your furry friend safe with Read more
  • Protecting your cat from poisonous plants during the Holidays
    Protecting Your Cat from Poisonous Plants During the Holidays As you get ready for the holidays, don't forget about your furry feline friends around the house. The holiday season is a Read more
  • Questions to ask before your pet surgery
    Questions to Ask before Your Pet Surgery It’s understandable that you are nervous about pet surgery in Indianapolis. The staff at Augusta Animal Clinic is here to answer your questions. What are Read more
  • Signs of Arthritis in Pets
    Do you believe your pet may be suffering from arthritis? If you’re seeing signs in your dog or cat including lameness, reluctance to exercise, stiffness, or changes in gait, it’s Read more
  • Importance of Vaccinating Your Pet
    Vaccinations can save your pet’s life. You never know when your pet will be exposed to a dangerous disease that can threaten his health. By having your dog or cat Read more


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