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Proper Dietary Habits for Better Pet Health

Proper Dietary Habits for Better Pet Health

Maintaining a healthy weight is pivotal for your pet's overall health and wellness. If your pet is overweight, dangerous medical complications and health concerns in your pet can start to spiral out of control. Proper nutritional care helps protect the hard and soft tissues in the body and protects your pet's internal organs from systemic disease. Our team at Augusta Animal Clinic in Indianapolis cares about keeping your pet healthy. Here is why it is essential to stay on top of your pet's dietary habits.

Why Are Proper Dietary Habits Important?

Just like people, pets rely on food to help fuel them with enough energy to make it through the day. Having enough nutrition in a balanced diet ensures that your pet receives the right amount of vitamins and minerals he or she needs to stay healthy. It is important to remember that as your pet ages, his or her nutritional needs will change. Be sure to regularly talk to our veterinary professionals about changing appetites and energy levels as a way of ensuring that you are giving your pet the right dietary needs.

How Can a Veterinarian Help? 

Our team can help monitor and control your pet's weight and nutritional needs. With a thorough evaluation, our veterinarian will make suggestions about the right type of dietary habits your pet needs. If your pet has trouble gaining or losing weight despite an appropriate diet, there may be an underlying problem causing the issue. We can perform a panel of tests to diagnose and treat any underlying conditions impacting your pet's weight and nutritional intake. Taking your pet to our experienced and professional clinic is essential to guaranteeing better pet health.

Contact Us for Pet Care in Indianapolis, IN

Our Augusta Animal Clinic team is passionate about keeping your pets safe and healthy. We strongly believe that a healthy pet needs the right dietary habits. Our clinic offers a range of services like nutritional counseling, pet dieting, pet dental care, and more to help keep your pet healthy. If you have a pet struggling to maintain proper dietary habits in or around the Indianapolis area, reach out to our professionals today.


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