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When to get your pet vaccinated

When to Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Vaccinations help protect our pets from common risks and diseases such as rabies and even death in some cases. Keep your furry friend safe with a vaccination schedule from our local veterinarian, Dr. David Fenoglio. If you are an Indianapolis resident looking for veterinary services to have your pet vaccinated, look no further than Augusta Animal Clinic.

Augusta Animal Clinic

Augusta Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital that welcomes emergency pet treatment cases and pets that need surgical, dental, and routine pet care. Our veterinarian has years of experience treating severe conditions in pets and offering regular pet wellness care to local residents. We treat our pet patients like family and make certain they feel comfortable waiting to see our veterinarian.

Vaccinations Save Lives

For vaccinations to be useful for pets, they need to be administered when they are still young. However, in most cases, it is advisable to let the veterinarian determine your pet's vaccination schedule depending on the type of vaccine, the age of the pet, environment, medical history, and the pet's lifestyle.


Puppies mostly receive antibodies from their mothers while they nurse. As soon as the puppy is six to eight weeks old, our veterinarian will administer a series of vaccinations, with a minimum of three vaccinations at intervals of three to four weeks. The last should be at sixteen weeks. When it comes to adult dogs, they can receive certain vaccines for tick prevention and flea prevention annually and others every three years.


Kittens also receive antibodies through the milk that their mothers produce if the cat has a healthy immune system. Our veterinarian can start administering vaccines at six to eight weeks of age and with intervals of three to four weeks until the kitten is sixteen weeks old.

Pet Vaccinations at Augusta Animal Clinic

Vaccinations are meant to stimulate your pet's immune system mildly and to protect the animal from diseases such as Lyme disease. Despite some risks associated with immunizing your pet, failure to do so could lead to catastrophic health issues and even death. Visit us at Augusta Animal Clinic in Indianapolis, IN, or call us today at (317) 291-4553 to schedule a pet vaccination appointment for your furry friend.


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