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Protecting your cat from poisonous plants during the Holidays

Protecting Your Cat from Poisonous Plants During the Holidays

As you get ready for the holidays, don't forget about your furry feline friends around the house. The holiday season is a time of much joy and anticipation for everyone, including your pets. Seasonal plants can spice up your decor around the season, but some of them can be dangerous to your beloved cat. We here at Augusta Animal Clinic want to give all pet owners a heads up on what to avoid decorating your home with during the holidays.

A curious pet may ingest decorative plants, which can cause excessive vomiting or other dangerous side effects. It's not uncommon for us to treat cats who have inadvertently mistaken a plant for their typical food. Trying to remove the toxic substance from your cat's body can be extremely uncomfortable for them, and it can pack a hit to your wallet as well. There are many preventative steps a pet owner can take to ensure their cats stay away from these plants.

Poisonous Plants You May Have

Holiday plants undoubtedly add an element of charm to your decor during the season. Certain types of plants need to be kept in a secure location, such as high up on a wall away from where your cat might be able to reach.  Here are a few examples of poisonous plants that your cat needs to stay away from.

  • Mistletoe- adds a charming touch, but is toxic to pets
  • Poinsettias- sap in these plants can create an upset stomach and vomiting
  • Lilies- these are a deadly plant to any breed of cat
  • Pine(Christmas tree)- dangerous if swallowed 
  • Holly berries- another plant that can create stomach problems

Keep This Holiday Season Safe for Your Pets

During this holiday season, think twice about the location of your plants or consider using artificial ones. This time of year brings much excitement around the home, but the last thing you'll want is an emergency trip to the veterinarian. If you need emergency veterinary care in Indianapolis, contact Augusta Animal Clinic. For all your cat-related needs, don't hesitate to give us a call.


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