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Questions to ask before your pet surgery

Questions to Ask before Your Pet Surgery

It’s understandable that you are nervous about pet surgery in Indianapolis. The staff at Augusta Animal Clinic is here to answer your questions.

What are the treatment options?

You should understand all your pet’s treatment options before you decide on surgery. It’s your vet’s job to discuss each option with you, along with the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision.

What are the complications and risks of pet surgery?

Every single procedure, even a minor one, does have the potential for risks. If your veterinarian says there are no complications, you should choose another vet. An honest vet should explain the risks. It may not be comfortable talking about any complications that can arise but you owe it to your pet to know.

What is the prognosis after the surgery?

In the case of cancer, it can help to know more about statistics. If the vet says a pet may live an average of one year after removing the tumor it means that the average was one year after looking at 100 pets. Some may have lived less and some may have lived more.

What happens during the surgery?

Your veterinarian should explain what is going to happen during the surgery. You may want specific details but should understand the general concepts. Some vets will use pictures from a book while others will use plastic models. If you don’t understand something, don’t be embarrassed to ask more.

How will the pain be controlled?

The pain control will depend on the pet surgery your pet is having. Minor procedures may only require one injection. Other surgeries may require more. Once you are back home, if your pet seems uncomfortable, ask your vet about the possibility of different pain medicines.

What will you need to do post-op?

Your vet should explain home care to you. This can include medications, wound care, a special diet, exercise restrictions, and physical therapy. These instructions are here to guide you in the right direction.

Scheduling an Appointment

If your furry friend may need pet surgery in Indianapolis, discuss your options and your questions with a veterinary at Augusta Animal Clinic. You can call us at 317-291-4553!


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